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The Spatuary was created in 2012, when the owner was forced to transform her stress filled life to a life of peace! Come join us at the Spatuary to escape from the day to day psychological pressures, which causes a stress response to the body. Studies have confirmed the importance of regularly engaging in activities reduces stress. At The Spatuary, we offer a range of modalities to relax the mind, body, and soul! Grab you cup of tea as you start your journey with us at the Spatuary!

Treat yourself to The Spatuary and escape from the daily roles that you take on and the juggling of multiple responsibilities. Become a club member, and get recharged up weekly to ” Take on the World!” You work hard, play hard and you deserve to pamper yourself!

In fact, if you can’t come to us, we can come to you with our “Mobile Spa Service”, or with our “Corporate Spa Service” in the work place.

Experience our workshops at The Spatuary and gain valuable knowledge on wellness and the tools available to reduce stress. Learn how to combat the hormonal changes in your body associated with anxiety and stress.

Luxuriate at The Spatuary to relish a joyful lifestyle with a community focused only on a mission based on peace and relaxation!

Join us for our weekly community Acupuncture, Herbal Teas Tastings, our International and Domestic Wellness Retreats. Enjoy our Nutritional, Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness classes. Pamper yourself with a relaxing Stone Massage, a Reflexology session, Aromatherapy, or Reiki Bodywork. Treat yourself to a Facial to help Protect your Skin and maintain your youthful appearance. At The Spatuary we also offer Waxing, Eye Brow Grooming, and Lash Extensions along with Make up application.

Participate in a weight loss body scrub wrap, and detox to reinvigorate and recharge your body. Thrill in having our herbal pipeless and bacteria free pedicure with an organic and chemical free manicure.

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Spatuary be you gathering place for Spa Parties!

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For a complete transformation, sign up for our signature "Key of Life" program. We offer life coaches to work with you one - on - one weekly for 6 months in our weight loss program, and provide total make overs.

Live your BEST life! Join us at The Spatuary, and live a life of peace as you transform into your beautiful Butterfly!

Get ready to take flight at The Spatuary!
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