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Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing focuses on the entire body including the mind, spirit, and emotions. It is a method used to assist with self healing without the use of physical medicine. The quest for optimal wellness and health can be achieved through holistic or natural healing. Using various healing modalities, sessions are designed to target the areas that are in need of of adjustments. Schedule an appointment today and choose to live a more balanced lifestyle.


Reiki is a traditional, spiritual practice that has been performed in the Japanese culture for centuries. At The SPAtuary, we have therapists who are certified in Reiki, along with a wide host of other health and massage services.Through connection from the palms of the Reiki therapist to the patient’s body, the energy being transferred allows self-healing and a balance in the equilibrium. At The SPAtuary we aim to give you complete wellness, reliable energy healing and incredible health guidance in order for you to live your life in tranquility.
Whether you are feeling anxious about an event, or you have been feeling an abundance of negative energy enter into your life, let us restore the peace and happiness that your state of mind was once in at our relaxing day spa. With skilled and direct connection with the world and beyond, our Reiki master is able to transfer positive energy into your body. Gain a peace of mind, connect with the good spirits around you, and live the complacent life you deserve. Our Reiki therapists proudly serve the community and the surrounding Metro NY/NJ area.

60 minute session $89

Empowerment Meditation

It is far to easy to become trapped in your own mind. Thoughts of negativity and self-doubt can cause one to loose sigh of how extraordinary you truly are. Guided meditation helps to raise the vibrations of the body and will transform your way of thinking as well as your state of being. Chaos will become peace and calmness, unhappiness will become happiness, and you will be able to reach the height of stillness and serenity. Schedule your private session today and start your journey of empowerment.

60 minute session $35 *group sessions are available


​Private Yoga Session

​Private Yoga Session Transitioning through an endless variety of body-weight postures and movements, yoga focuses on body strengthening, flexibility, and mental clarity. A private yoga session will help you tone muscles, improve mood, and reduce stress. Sadeeriyah will guide your body through a series of movements and poses to help you reach your goals.

60 minute session $35 *group sessions are available


Private acupuncture

Traditional Chinese Medicine also known as TCM is an ancient eastern modality ​utilized for thousands of years in China to heal illness and disease. Have a private one on one session with our in house NJ Board certified and licensed Dr. of Acupuncture, to explore an alternative integrative healing method.

60 minute session $80 *group sessions are available

Community Acupuncture is available upon request.​ CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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